Serverzip Hosting was founded in 2018. It has 2 offices, one in Chandigarh, India and another in San Diego, USA. Apart from Web Hosting, Serverzip's has software division that has been expanded from a web development company to a company providing services like Software Audit, Support & Maintenance, CTO Services to Start-ups, and Custom Software Development. It has a dedicated Product Development Sub-division as well which is focussed on Research and Development of innovative and world-class products. We develop and provide support & maintenance of web, windows, and mobile applications. We are committed to giving 100% of us until customer satisfaction is reached. Till the end of days, we will definitely give the best service. Under Webhosting, We are into Gaming Servers, Streaming Servers, Web Servers, Data Base Servers, Proxy Servers, Caching Servers, DNS Servers, Clustering, Load Balancing, Mysql High end Database clustering, Resin Servers for JAVA/JSP pages and Many more Custom Build

Affordable Web Hosting Service

Serverzip Hosting is USA’s one of the leading web hosting and domain name service providers. Founded in year 2018, Serverzip Hosting progressed in leaps and bounds and achieved high repute globally. Aiming to give its customers the best web hosting facility, Serverzip Hosting continues to improve the quality of services and support.

Our Services

The company delivers high-quality services at best prices and provides various web solutions for individuals and businesses. The major services of the company includes, but not limited to, Linux hosting, Windows hosting, domain name selling, Dedicated hosting, SSL certificates, etc. We offer web hosting packages to suits everyone’s need. However, the company allows the customer to customize the hosting package and get a quote suiting their business.

Our Features

Serverzip Hosting prides itself on providing a strong foundation for businesses to thrive. Our strategy is simple, maintain focus on our clients at all time. We believe the main reason Serverzip Hosting thrives in a market where others are failing is our ability to maintain focus. We focus on the clients needs and establish a strong foundation based on those needs for a client to reach their goals. What we do best is provide a means to a focused goal through a solid foundation by using high value low cost solutions.

  • We’ve built a global network of servers in premier datacenters around the world.
  • We’ve developed an infrastructure that is both powerful and reliable.
  • And we’ve worked hard to ensure that our products are backed by a talented, forward-thinking team of web hosting gurus.

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