All Serverzip Shared Hosting plans are PCI Compliance.

You will get lot of features with Serverzip PCI Compliance


Secure Online Business Transactions

Combining patent-pending scans with automatic malware removal tools and enterprise-grade firewalls protecting your store with an alarm system, security has never been this amazing. Get started today and help your customers protect their websites and online stores.


Avoid Fees & Fines

PCI has a great team of dedicated security consultants who are there for your customers business. They also have a team of website security engineers who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every day of the year.


Keep Customer Data Safe

After your customer's website is scanned and secure, they can proudly display the PCI Trust Seal. The Trust Seal shows customers who can shop on your customer's website safely. Getting started is easy. And your Customers are going to love PCI


Simple Questionnaire

Redundant and independent by design, our Datacenters are powered by two separate 400 MW substations. Each sub- station is powered by independent power plants while the Data center has a dedicated, end-to-end concrete reinforced underground electrical feed.


Cooling & Fire Protection

Built to withstand load-increases, our Datacenters utilize a chilled water-cooling system that produces better performance while consuming significantly less energy than conventional air-cooled systems. .

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