A Return and Refund Policy

30-Day Money-back Guarantee for Dedicated Servers (Pre-paid Subscription Services)

We will refund all monthly or annual pre-paid subscription fees for Dedicated Servers and if you cancel your pre-paid subscription within 30 days of when our service is delivered to you. All refund requests must be made by submitting a support ticket or by chatting with a support agent-- refund processing is not automatic. Refunds will only be made to the original payment method. If the original payment method is not available at the time of processing, the refund will be provided as an account credit. An account credit cannot be converted to cash or transferred to any other payment method. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee applies only to pre-paid subscriptions for Dedicated Servers and does not include service installation or set-up fees. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to add-on services, including, but not limited to, software licenses, vRack or other additional services. Refunds or account credits provided for products and services not included in this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee are at the sole discretion of ServerZip Canada LLC.


Serverzip Web Hosting accounts are set up on a prepay basis. Serverzip Web Hosting customers may decide to cancel their accounts at any time, however they will get a full refund of the service only if the cancellation request is made within 30 days of purchasing of the account, according to our Money Back Guarantee Policy To cancel an account, the Customer needs to send an e-mail or support ticket to our Sales Department and provide any authentication credentials requested by Serverzip Web Hosting. Other forms of cancellation requests will not be accepted. Any incentives offered to the Customer upon sign-up will be also cancelled. Domain name registrations/transfers, service upgrades and web hosting plan renewals are treated as non-refundable services (see below) and cannot be cancelled or refunded after being activated upon customer request. The Customer will have the opportunity to transfer his/her domain away to another host.


All credit requests for VISA, MasterCard, are processed within 48 hours of the submission of the refund request . The funds will be credited back to the Customer's creditcard and affect the Customer's credit card balance in accordance with the credit/debit card issuer's terms of service. All credit requests for PayPal payments are processed within 48 hours of the submission of the refund request . The funds will be credited back to the Customer's PayPal account and affect the Customer's PayPal balance in accordance with the PayPal's terms of service.


Serverzip Web Hosting offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our hosting services, you can submit a refund request in a trouble ticket opened from your web hosting control panel, or via email sent to, and receive full refund for your hosting plan within 30 days of the purchasing of the account. Please, NOTE that domain name registrations/transfers are non-refundable services. All recurring payments and all payments made via Western Union or bank wire are non-refundable and are not subject to the 30-day money back guarantee.


Non-Refundable Services: all service upgrades, wallet refills and plan renewal services purchased from the Web Hosting Control Panel; all 1-year or multi-year domain registration or transfer services purchased at sign-up or from the Web Hosting Control Panel. All domain registrations and domain transfers are final, do not include any money-back guarantee and will be subject to a fee that is calculated on the basis of the actual NON-PROMOTIONAL annual price of the purchased domain's TLD, multiplied by the number of years of registration or transfer.



Chargebacks are not considered as a way of refunding. Any Customer who initiates a credit card chargeback in response to a bill or order placed at Serverzip Web Hosting (and respectively - LiquidNet Ltd.) will be subject to full investigation. When signing up for a web hosting account with Serverzip Web Hosting, customers agree to the conditions explicated in our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Web Hosting Terms of Service. Thus, Serverzip Web Hosting, as well as our authorized retailers (PayPal, WorldPay, 2CheckOut), will resort to these documents as an evidence for the Customer's agreement, especially in the event that a Customer sends a chargeback inquiry based on points that he/or she first accepted, but is trying now to refute.
In case that the chargeback originates from a fraudulent user and no reverse payment procedure can be initiated, then the respective hosting account will remain suspended.

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